Other Projects

There are various projects living outside on other sites. Here are some of those projects and their links.

“Ring Break” Green Lantern Comic on Tumblr

“Ring Break” is a small and nearly wordless Green Lantern (not a character I own) take of Hal Jordan having a small alien adventure while his broken ring is being fixed. Drawn in ink and painted in watercolor.

India Travel Sketchbook

The India Travel Sketchbook is a series of pictures in wildly different styles made in India on my honeymoon or shortly after returning. It documents many of the unique and wonderful and interesting experiences we had while traveling in India.

Kauai, Hawaii Travel Sketchbook

The Kauai, Hawaii Travel Sketchbook chronical our trip to the island of Kauai, Hawaii, and many of the experiences we had and places we visited. I worked in a wide variety of styles for this sketchbook too using it as an exercise to push myself to try new ways of making pictures.

Screenshot of Scot Maupin Blogger Page

The Blogger Site was one of several attempts to post art (both new and old) regularly and while I had some good runs and posted some nice pictures, this self publishing need was eventually overtaken by the rise of social media.

Bad Pine Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Art and Design

BadPine.com is the home for any art and design I do that is specifically BJJ (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu) related. You can find posters and prints or purchase art on all kinds of merchandise.